Okay okay I know I have not been posting anything on my blog I'm sorry but guess what guys? I passed my finance exam! I had like 3 assignments to be given in every 2 weeks as well preparing for my exam! Luckily I managed it all by not bothering about anything and focusing on what needs to be done.

This is how I studied..

For studying I have used Google and that's all you need to search up things! I don't think you need to spend money on things you don't need to enhance your study. I prefer using Google or reading books. I admit that I dislike reading books I think a lot of us do but using books that contain images and bold texts helps me understand better.

So what do I do to study?

Firstly, I find a quiet area in the library or study in my room.

Secondly, I keep a course book that focuses specifically on my course as well as the level I am studying, to get the answer I need.

Thirdly, I keep on laptop on the right side just in case I need to search something for extra information because we all know it looks cool when you have a lot of writing on your work plus you can show off how hard you worked right?

Here are some tips for studying that actually WORKS!

1 - Chew gums while you study because chewing gum helps you remember things faster.

2 - Listen to music while you are studying. Listening to music while studying can improve memory, attention and your ability to do mental math, as well as lessen depression and anxiety plus who doesn't like a bit of Beyoncè?

3 - Take snack breaks because we all need breaks. Maybe have some KitKat?