'Beats Pill Review'


Beats Pill is a brand of portable Bluetooth speakers which is produced by Beats Electronics. The Beats Pill was released in 2013. The speaker includes 3.5mm input and output jack and the speaker chargers with micro USB port. You can also use a Samsung charger to charge it, it works very well. 



When you buy it brand new, the speaker comes with 1 year warranty if you buy it brand new. The quality of the package is really really good. I still have the box that I got with the speaker. It comes with a case with beats logo on it.

What I don't like about the case is that it gets dirty really easily. I'm not sure if you can put it in dry wash but I recommend washing it with hand. 

 Design & Perfomance 

The Beats Pill with size of 7.7 inches long with rounded ends with with only 3 button. The beats pill is small and beautiful and the sound is also top quality.

I am surprised to see a speaker this sized that can play music this loud and still the sound quality clear but on the other hand the battery life slowly slowly decreases once you start using it. The battery sometimes the drains out even if you are not using it. What I like to do is to put it on charge whilst it is playing music. The base is really great and I love hearing music on this speaker. I still prefer using beats pill 1.0 over the 2.0 because I don't see much difference between them both. 

This is the function information that I managed to get from the beats website.

  1. Power button

    Press once for on/off
  2. B button

    Single press for play/pause
    Bluetooth pairing
    • Hold for three seconds to pair or to disconnect pairing
    • Single press to disable Bluetooth
    • Accept or reject calls with single press
    • Transfer calls with double press
    On Hold
    • Put on hold and take incoming calls with a single press
    • Hang up and take incoming call with 2-second press
    • Switch between calls with single press
  3. Volume controls

    Use (–) and (+) to adjust speaker volume. 
  4. Audio cues

    You’ll hear cues when:
    • The Pill powers on or off
    • It connects to or disconnects from Bluetooth
  5. NFC compatibility

    Two Pill 2.0s can connect to one another via NFC compatibility. In pairing mode:
    • Tap the two NFC logos together once to amplify sound.
    • Tap a second time to activate stereo sound (one Pill plays left channel, one plays right channel).
  6. Auxiliary in/out

    • To cable connect to an audio device like a phone or MP3 player, use the jack labeled IN.
    • To cable connect to another speaker, use the jack labeled OUT.